Advanced 23-G/25-G Stitchless Vitreo – Retinal Surgery

Advanced 23-G/25-G Stitchless Vitreo – Retinal Surgery

Vitreo-retinal surgery is a specialized field of ophthalmology that focuses on treating disorders and conditions affecting the retina and vitreous humor. In recent years, advanced techniques such as 23-G/25-G stitchless Vitreo-Retinal Surgery have revolutionized the field, offering numerous advantages and improved patient outcomes.

Advantages of Advanced 23-G/25-G Stitchless Vitreo-Retinal Surgery:
  1. Minimally Invasive: The use of 23-G (gauge) or 25-G instruments allows for smaller incisions compared to traditional vitreo-retinal surgery. This minimally invasive approach reduces surgical trauma, resulting in faster healing, less post-operative discomfort, and reduced risk of complications.
  2. Faster Recovery: The smaller incisions in stitchless vitreo-retinal surgery lead to faster recovery times for patients. This means shorter hospital stays and a quicker return to daily activities, improving overall quality of life.
  3. Reduced Suture-Related Complications: Traditional vitreo-retinal surgery often requires sutures to close the incisions. However, with 23-G/25-G stitchless surgery, no sutures are needed. This eliminates the risk of suture-related complications such as infection, irritation, or induced astigmatism.
  4. Enhanced Visualization: Advanced imaging technologies, such as high-definition 3D viewing systems and wide-angle viewing lenses, provide surgeons with improved visualization during the procedure. This allows for better identification and precise treatment of retinal pathologies, leading to improved surgical outcomes.
  5. Broadened Scope of Procedures: The smaller gauge instruments used in stitchless vitreo-retinal surgery enable surgeons to perform a wide range of complex procedures with greater ease and precision. These procedures may include retinal detachment repair, macular hole closure, epiretinal membrane removal, and diabetic retinopathy treatment.

Types of Advanced 23-G/25-G Stitchless Vitreo-Retinal Surgery:

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