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Advanced Centre For Eyes

Welcome to Advanced Centre For Eyes, where we are dedicated to providing exceptional eye care services to improve lives. With our best facilities and skilled team, we offer specialized treatments for various eye conditions such as macular degeneration, dry eye, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, and cataracts.

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With a focus on providing best eye and vision care, the Advanced Centre For Eyes is dedicated to helping patients achieve optimal eye health and visual clarity. Our commitment to excellence, advanced technologies, and experienced specialists make us a trusted choice for individuals seeking top-notch eye care services.


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We, at this Retina Super Speciality Eye Institute, boast the best expertise and the latest technology. The medical professionals utilize the Stellaris PC Vision advancement system from Bausch + Lomb, an advanced surgical machine and the first of its kind in Ludhiana.

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We have a solution for all of your vision problems. Explore our eye care services here. 

At Advanced centre For eyes, the best pediatric ophthalmology hospital in Ludhiana, we aim to treat children with their eye care needs most comfortably and engagingly.

Restore your vision with exceptional cataract treatment at Advanced Centre For Eyes.

Advanced Centre For eyes provides  the best Glaucoma Treatment in Ludhiana with experienced Glaucoma Surgeon. Contact us for the treatment of Glaucoma today!

Experience the best neuro-ophthalmology expertise at Advanced Centre For Eyes in Ludhiana, ensuring optimal eye and brain health.

Advanced uvea services at Advanced Centre For Eyes in Ludhiana for complete diagnosis and treatment.


Our core values drive us to go above and beyond, ensuring that our patients receive exceptional eye care services and customized treatment options that prioritize their well-being.

1. Patient Care

We treat all patients with respect and compassion. We ensure that all patients understand their condition and treatment.

2. Services

We dedicate ourselves to our mission and actively seek to serve communities in need.

3. Discipline

We fulfil our duties through hard work and a singular focus on our shared mission.

4. Learning & Development

We engage in continuous learning through training and role-modeling.

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Dr Dinesh Garg

I am a Vitreo-Retinal Specialist based in Ludhiana, Punjab. I have over 31 years of experience and have worked as a consultant and Professor of Ophthalmology at Dayanand Medical College & Hospital. In 2012, I established the Advanced Centre for Eyes, a Retina Super speciality Eye Institute. I have presented at numerous international and national conferences, attended over 130 Ophthalmological Conferences, and have published scientific papers in various journals....

Google Reviews

Awesome,Very Homely
Rajesh Kakkar
Rajesh Kakkar
Dr. Dinesh Garg is an exceptional eye specialist. The staff is welcoming, and Dr. Dinesh Garg's expertise and care are outstanding. Highly recommend for top-notch eye care.
Pardeep Mahindroo
Pardeep Mahindroo
All are good
himanshu goel
himanshu goel
Dr. Dinesh is best ophthalmologist in the city.
Ajay Jain
Ajay Jain
Dr dinesh garg is not good my mother got operated from him he charge us twice to remove oil that he didn’t told us before surgery, moreover dr is so rude when we told about claims of insurance he denied us so ultimately overall experience was very bad and after so much spending money or time my mother didn’t get his eye sight back so dont go to him for any surgery
Micky Sharma
Micky Sharma
Dr Dinesh Garg is a awesome Doctor, Very clean Hospital and Great Hospitality of staff.
Armeet Chadha
Armeet Chadha
We had wonderful experience. Services are oar excellence. Staff is thorough professionals. Keep it up
gulshan dhand
gulshan dhand
My mother's eye membranes/ ratina were ruptured due to which both eyes were filled with blood, even after surgery from DMC, they did not get better, then after surgery from advanced center for eyes, now my mother's eyes are completely fine and my mother Full vision came. I thank dr Dinesh Garg G.
Bhawan Sekhon
Bhawan Sekhon
Great Experience...Very Well Treated by staff...
Rahul Malhotra
Rahul Malhotra

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